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The tools drop down menu

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This command asks for a start point for a distance measurement and a second end point. The distance is reported both in the command area and on the screen at the cursor point. When a third point is added, the perimeter of the indicated area is calculated. Although it may appear during the operation that you are adding entities or selecting them, these do not form part of the design. 


The area command has many uses. Like the distance command, when accurate measurements are required, it should be used in conjunction with osnaps

 Area calculation Here we show how to use the area command to work out the are in sq ft and volume of mulch required to cover a garden bed.


This option converts a drawing into a bit mapped image. This enables the whole or part of a drawing to be printed as a raster file. Several different formats are supported - BMP, jpeg etc. and by altering the resolution setting, you have control over the size of the image. The default setting will generate an image file some 4000 pixels wide.

Make raster We export a high resolution JPEG and PDF from a design in which transparency of symbols is used.


The Gerber options are used if you are working with a Gerber file.