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Graphics - using drawing tools

All the tools necessary to create drawings are in easy reach via drop down menus, toolbar icons or right click pop up menus making the LiteCAD.exe interface simple to use. As mentioned in our discussion of the interface, the black area in the figure above is termed the drawing editor (aka model space) and it is here that designs are created using tools selected from menus or toolbars.

Drawing tools Here we discuss the tools available from the Graphics drop down menu.

Tip: We have changed the background color in the movie that follows. We show how to reset the background color at the end of the movie.


Sample design

The figure below shows a more complex design in model space. The drawing happens to be a landscape design, but LiteCAD.exe can be used to construct CAD drawings in any discipline. Note that a compound symbol (aka block) has been selected and the details about the block properties are shown in the Properties panel at the left.

Sample design with LiteCAD.exe

Graphic tools

Point tool

A point is a single entity with a fixed coordinate position. Points are known as nodes and it is possible to snap (entity snap) and join (say) the end point of a line to a point. So points are often used as location markers for placement of other entities

Using Format>Point Styles enables users to change the size and appearance of the point style marker.

Line tool

Selection: Graphic > Line

Operation: Click with the left mouse button, that sets the start point of the line. Move away ready to indicate the end point for the line. The length and angle of the proposed line shows at the cursor. It is not possible to type pairs of coordinates for either the start or end point of the line. If precise coordinate positioning is required, we suggest drawing a line in its approximate position, select it and change its properties (X,Y values) after placing the line.

Polyline tool

The Polyline command is used to draw complex lines - a single entity consisting of a number of line segments. Various editing functions can be applied to polylines making them a valuable design tool. In landscape design work, they are commonly used to delineate areas of ground cover planting and areas requiring hatching such as paths and decking, but are also useful when creating your own symbols. The area covered by a closed polyline is automatically calculated in the Properties box to left of screen.