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The icon set supplied with LiteCAD.DLL mostly has well designed items, but some (for example the Block icon) appear a little raw. This set of note suggests one method of making new toolbar icons for your application using Photoshop.

Here are the steps:

1.  Create an RGB image file in Photoshop with a base layer in color 192,192,192. A useful image size is 400 pixels square.

2.  Make another new layer and design your icon on that layer as shown below.


3. Select export to web devices, making a PNG file resized to 16X16 pixels. Do not forget to Apply that size before saving the file.

4. Open the resultant PNG file and save the image file as a BMP file - 24 bit (to keep compatibility with icons delivered with LiteCAD.DLL.)

BMP file

5. Finally, add your icon to the appropriate toolbar and drop down menu item.

Below are some sample BMP files. Feel free to add to your CAD application.

Blocks Blocks


Image Image

Layouts Layouts

Command area Command Area

Mini layer Mini layer off

MLINE Multiline Styles

Plant tools Plant tools

Flower Flower