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LiteCAD ~ a tool to create CAD software

Do you offer specialist engineering or architectural design services? Want to automate complex CAD tasks? Need to analyze huge data sets and present the data graphically? Formed the view that CAD software development is too difficult and costly? Need the ability to exchange cad data with AutoCAD users, but frustrated with the cost and difficulty of customizing AutoCAD? Like to create your own custom CAD software? 

If so, LiteCAD.DLL is the tool for you.

LiteCAD 3  LiteCAD.DLL 3 - build 166 November 2020 - is now available for download from Shapefiles, the Fillet, Offset, Trim, Extend and Break commands have been added recently. Improvements in display of dimensions in layout space have also been added along with an improved ability to handle attributes. Here is an example of a CAD drawing of an electrical schematic using the demo version of LiteCAD 3 (LitecaddApp.exe) 


Tip: LiteCAD DLL can be used to rapidly develop custom CAD application to solve problems in a variety of fields. Use your favorite programming language, be it C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, or Delphi to develop your application.

Click here (or on the Kolbasoft image logo below) and download a copy of LiteCAD.DLL and some sample code (C#, Visual Basic, Delphi and Python). Checkout a working CAD tool (LitecadApp.exe) that's included with LiteCAD.DLL to see what the DLL can do. Source code for LiteCAD.exe is included in the DLL. Many developers use this source code as a base for building their own CAD applications.



Some sample applications built with LiteCAD.DLL


ECW ​viewer


Here the ability of the LiteCAD library to load ECW file is demonstrated. The ECW base file shown is taken from an aerial photograph that's just over 500 Mb in size but loads and displays in seconds. The viewer and analysis program that produces the green, red and yellow paths is written here using Visual Basic 6, one of the many programming languages that can be used with LiteCAD DLL. 


VB6 viewer

More on ECW files. Top:

Landscape design software

gCAD+  Here a professional CAD landscape application with a rich user interface has been developed with LiteCAD DLL using C++. Known as gCADPlus, it is an easy to use CAD tool for professional landscapers that automates many tedious CAD tasks including the generation of plant schedules.

Using this tool, landscape professionals can create plans quickly from built-in templates or use their own. The application features drag and drop symbols to position species, a library of hundreds of professional symbols, the ability to read and write AutoCAD DXF files, attach plant lists and filter those lists according to need, and store extra data with any entity.


If you would like to download, install and try out an application built with LiteCAD.DLL, visit and select the downloads page. The application is called gCADPlus and is designed to automate many tedious landscape CAD drafting tasks such as counting the number of plans in a design. We started with the sample CAD environment provided with LITECAD.DLL and added our own tools specific that are specific for the discipline of landscape design.

We removed the save option in demo mode. This allows potential purchasers a free 'try before you buy' option.

Sample application

Run other applications inside LiteCAD programs

SppDb  LiteCAD DLL applications can run concurrently with other landscape software tools. Here gCADPlus is running with a plant data file in the Mac environment.

Two applications


 Marine survey

Here are some screen shots of MagTrakR, an application written by Terry Armstrong in VB.Net using the LiteCAD.DLL.  This application is used to visually log and map magnetometer data produced by the SeaSpy magnetometer built by Marine Magnetics in Canada.  It is not a commercial product, but built it to support his operations with the SeaSpy.

The figure below shows a shot of a magnetometer track over a marine navigation chart where a submerged cable was being located.  Using the DLL along with other modules, the data is properly geo-rectified over the marine chart, verifying the cable location.

Track 1

The figure below shows a shot of a magnetometer survey of an ancient shipwreck. The notable anomalies are symbolized by strength, polarity and location with a positional grid laid over the top.

Track 2

The figure below shows a shot of the dialog used to load, edit, and save the ASCII magnetometer data.  Using this dialog, the points can be plotted in the map window, selected by strength, or located from within the data file itself. There is reciprocity from within the map window as well... you may select a
point in the drawing and lookup the data record in the dialog.

Track 3



GeoDRAW by MicroGeo - telecommunications software

Here LITECAD.DLL has been used to create sophisticated telecommunications software by a developer based in Brazil. GeoDraw is part of a suite of tools for mapping and managing telecommunications installations and was developed using VB.NET. It is one of the first LITECAD.DLL products featuring a ribbon strip which was incorporated into the application using a separate API.





Steel detailing

Here LiteCAD.DLL was used to create a custom application for steel detailing. The SteelSections drop down menu features links to a complete library of 400 steel sections in dxf format - Rectangular Hollow Sections, Universal Beams etc.

Steel detailing



Environmental mapping

Here a custom application was developed to import data from GPS based survey of the health of trees around a wetland. Data from the GPS equipment in ASCII format was imported into the CAD environment. Analysis took place in the CAD software as the data was loaded. Color coding was applied to each tree symbols to show trees in different health states. The drawing was then email to a firm of arborists to perform maintenance tasks.